Death of Garland Woman Under Investigation

Garland detectives continue to hunt for clues in the murder of 71-year-old Janet Vanderslice.

She was found in her home Saturday around 6 p.m. by her son who went to check on her after neighbors last saw her alive around 9 a.m. Friday.

"We've got a report back from the medical examiner she was stabbed," said Garland Police Officer Joe Harn. "And right now we're just trying to figure out who did this and why."

Harn said police have no confirmed motive or suspects.

Vanderslice lived alone on Lennox Lane in the Crystal Lake neighborhood of Garland near Bobtown Road and Interstate 30.

Resident Shelia Printers said neighbors are shocked by the murder of the well-liked woman on their quiet street.

"We looked out for everybody," Printers said. "Our neighbors are very friendly and Janet was always one to make sure everybody was taken care of, so she was a sweet lady."

Elementary school student Ricardo Enriquez, who lives across the street, said Vanderslice was a kids' favorite on Halloween.

"We always went to her house because she always gave candy no matter what. She was a really nice person," he said.

Neighbor Judy Dunn added that Vanderslice lived on her street for about 20 years. She said Vanderslice lived alone with four cats.

"She's very vocal. She's always been on the homeowners association board. She's very much an activist," said Dunn.

After gathering evidence at the scene Sunday, detectives were back in the neighborhood Monday, talking with neighbors and walking around the Vanderslice home.

"We do know that she had rental property," said Officer Harn. "We are in the course of contacting those folks to see if they were around, paid rent or knew anything."

He asked anyone with clues to contact Garland investigators, and neighbor Shelia Printers did, too.
"We want to keep everybody safe," Printers said.

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