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Dealing With Stress on Election Night

No matter who you're voting for, the one thing many Americans can agree on is that the election is stressing them out.

The American Psychological Association says 52 percent of Americans are reporting that they're stressed out about the election.

A counselor in Colorado says the election comes up every single day during sessions with patients and one psychologist in Washington State reports roughly half of her patients spend their time with her discussing the election.

Others say people are developing obsessive-compulsive symptoms by constantly checking polls.

Experts say you can ease a bit of election anxiety first by staying off social media as much as possible.

Also, take breaks from round-the-clock election news coverage and look for signs that the anxiety is developing unhealthy consequences.

"Let's make sure that we're monitoring our normal everyday things like your sleep patterns, your nutrition patterns, your exercise. The other thing I would say is, this too shall pass, right?" said Ross Teemant, Senior Director of Behavioral Health Services at Texas Health Resources.

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