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Deaf Millsap High School Student Beaten at Sleepover in Alleged Bullying Incident, Teen Arrested

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Millsap ISD and the Parker County Sheriff’s Office are investigating an alleged bullying incident that left a student with several injuries.

A Millsap High School senior says he was bullied and beaten because he's deaf. His parents have spent nearly two weeks demanding justice.

Senior Trent Irwin tells NBC 5 he loves spending time with friends and family but a sleepover with friends on Sept. 25 ended violently and left him with several injuries.

Images from the night of the attack are disturbing.

Trent's dad, Jeremy Irwin, says while Trent was asleep, other teens decided to mess with him.

He described videos from that night making the rounds on social media.

“Trent is laying there, plum sleep and he begins to be slapped very hardly upside his head multiple times,” Jeremy Irwin said.

Irwin says it's especially troubling because Trent is disabled. At night, he removes the processor that works with his cochlear implant to help him hear clearly, without it, he is completely deaf.

“This boy was picked out of a room to be assaulted and bullied,” said Jeremy Irwin.

He says Trent tried to defend himself and one of the teens started punching him.

“Beat him to the point where his eye is swollen, his nose has been lodged to the side, his lip was busted,” Irwin said.

The family went to police. And while the investigation continued, the community rallied around the family, using the hashtag #JusticeforTrent. Community members also held a silent protest Wednesday night in Trent's honor.

On Thursday, 12 days after the incident, the Parker County Sheriff's Office announced it arrested a 17-year-old.

Now, the family's attorneys are doing their own investigation and may take action in civil court. They’re questioning whether the adults involved, ranging from parents to the homeowner to school district leaders, should be held accountable in any way.

“We don't think this is an isolated, narrow event. I think this is a failure of a number of adults,” said attorney Ronaldo de la Garza.

"There's many other issues that are harms and losses to his life and he's left holding the bag,” said attorney Brett Cain.

Trent's dad says holding others accountable may help stop future bullying. Trent hasn't been back to school and is doing his work from home until they figure out where he will finish his senior year.

He will also undergo a few more medical procedures to help him heal. Trent says he is grateful the community is by his side for the road ahead.

“All the people helping me and helping me get through it, very blessed,” Trent Irwin said.

Millsap ISD released a statement saying the district is aware of the bullying allegations and working with law enforcement to investigate.

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