Deadly Uptown Hit-and-Run Crash Prompts Road Safety Concerns

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Dallas residents are taking to social media to share their concerns about road safety in the days after a woman was struck and killed by a vehicle.

The intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Routh Road is a busy area lined with multiple apartments, bars and businesses. Even though there's more foot traffic in the area at nighttime, NBC 5 spoke with people who say that during the day, it can be challenging, even with the guided crosswalk.

“Well you’ve got to be careful because sometimes people are not paying attention and are on their phones and all that and you may have the green walkway and they’ll come through," said Joe Obrien, who runs in the area.

Cedar Springs, which spans for several miles, is a busy one with many people who run, walk, shop, eat and drink along the way.

A woman is facing charges of intoxication manslaughter and failing to stop and render aid after fatally striking a pedestrian in Uptown Dallas Sunday afternoon, court documents say.

People in businesses, like Italia Express, say they see their fair share of close calls between pedestrians and drivers on the street. “There’s always people honking and what not as they go through the intersection," said Dominic Chapman, who's worked at the pizza shop for about six months.

He said they had to change their outdoor patio to be enclosed because people would walk out the old gate and into the intersection.

Chapman said navigating the streets as a pedestrian can be tricky for him too.

“There are a couple of crosswalks around here that don’t have lights or anything that do make me feel a bit iffy when I walk to and form work," Chapman said.

Last year the city of Dallas backed a plan, called Vision Zero, to help improve safety and reach a goal of zero traffic fatalities over the next decade.

Over the years the city has added traffic improvements like pedestrian crosswalks with lights at the intersection of Cedar Springs and Regan Street in the Oak Lawn area due to a deadly crash that took place years ago.

Concerned citizens in the area, like Grant Kinser, still want to see more.

"What I’ve seen on McKinney Avenue is that before someone crosses, they press a button and it flashes a red light, not a yellow like that goes on down here. I think that’s something, but that’s not enough," he said.

But even with improvements, some believe ultimately, everyone just has to pay more attention.

“I think you have to take some personal responsibilities as well I think you have to be careful of what you’re doing and look both ways no matter what," Gary Benecke said.

“A lot of it is just you’re there and the drivers there so you’ve got to be paying attention, can't be distracted by your phone or whatever," Obrien said.

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