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Deadline Approaching to File for Western Union Refund

Time is running out to file a claim for consumers who were tricked into wiring money through Western Union. The company agreed in January 2017 to pay a $586 million settlement, which the Department of Justice is using to pay scam victims.

The Attorney General's office said 39,000 Texans may be eligible refunds.

But the deadline to file a claim is May 31, so consumers are advised to act fast.

Western Union settled with the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission for "willfully failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering (AML) Program and aiding and abetting wire fraud."

"We're thrilled when we know anyone who has lost money this way can get some of it back," said Phylissia Clark with the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas. She she said consumers still need to be on high alert.

"It's very sad. People that have already lost money, had heartache over these particular scams are being targeted again," Clark said.

We're told consumers are receiving emails stating "you're part of the party that is eligible for a refund."

Don't fall for it. You cannot apply for a refund by email.

We've also heard from a consumer who got a call from someone saying they were eligible for a refund. Don't fall for that either.

If you get one of those bogus emails, don't respond or click on any links, just delete it.

Over 500,000 petitions have been mailed to identified victims.

Instructions on how to file a petition are included.

Make sure it says United States v. The Western Union Company and a Department of Justice seal.

But if you're ever unsure and want to contact the DOJ, click here.

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