Dead Birds Found Arranged in Circle on UTA Campus

UTA Student Finds Dead Birds Arranged in a Circle

University of Texas at Arlington police are investigating whether nearly 20 dead birds arranged in a circle is a prank, a ritual or some sort of message.

UTA student Eric Moraw found the dead birds after crossing the north Cooper Street bridge on campus this week. Sixteen of the birds were arranged in a circle, with two more inside the circle.

"It's definitely not something you see every day on campus," said Krista Torralva, a student journalist who wrote about the incident in The Shorthorn.

UTA police said they are not sure how the birds died but said someone may have stepped on at least one of the birds on its head.

Moraw told NBC 5 he didn't see anything else unusual in the area where he found the birds.

Students said they were shocked that such an incident happened on their campus.

"It sounds really foolish," Morgan White said. "It sounds really like kids stuff -- somebody with a sick bent going out and doing something stupid."

Ravin Jackson said the incident was creepy.

"I don't know what [putting dead birds in a circle] would mean because I'm not into that, but that's scary," he said.

"People at UTA aren't like that," Jackson said. "I've met a lot of different people, and we're a really diverse campus. I don't think someone from campus would do that -- maybe someone from off campus."

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