Denton County

DCTA Plans to Drop 8 of 10 Regular Bus Routes

The Denton bus system would replace buses with its new on-demand rideshare van service starting next week.

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The Denton County Transportation Authority is set to drop 8 of its 10 regular bus routes as of next week in favor of a newly introduced on-demand van service.

The final stamp of approval for the move could come on Thursday during a meeting of the DCTA board.

If the plan goes through as is, only the Denton Routes 3 and 7 would remain in place starting next Tuesday, December 7.

The on-demand van service, known as the GoZone Program, was introduced in September. It allows users to hail a ride using a smartphone app. It is meant to be more user friendly by allowing riders to tell the system where they need to go rather than the system telling riders where they need to be, and when, if they want to use the system.

Riders can use GoZone with a DCTA pass or purchase a single trip for $.0.75.

“GoZone will provide more service coverage area and hours of operation than current fixed-route bus options to help people get where they need to go,” Raymond Suarez, DCTA CEO said.

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