Denton County

DCTA Celebrating Five Years of A-Train With Free Passes

Denton county is celebrating 5 years of A-train service in June.

In honor of the anniversary, the Denton County Transportation Authority is offering free day passes for the rail line on Saturday, June 18. Passengers can ride the A-train, which runs parallel to I-35E for 21 miles in Denton County, for free all day by downloading the passes. 

The passes are available through the DCTA facebook page.

The A-train was first built in 2011, with the support of Denton County voters. Since then, the train has carried over 2,500,000 passengers on the A-line.

In 2012, the A-train became the first line to run commuter trains on the same tracks as frieght trains, opening up options for commuter rails across the country.

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