Daytime Burglars Hitting Highland Park Homes

In the last month, there have been at least six daytime burglaries in the town of Highland Park. It’s prompted police to alert the neighborhood. 

The burglaries have all happened in the eastern part of town, close to the Katy Trail.
“Somebody has to be casing the neighborhood,” said David Hudnall, he was home when two of his neighbors were burglarized across the street.
“My understanding is they broke the back French windows, came in and took whatever they took,” said Hudnall.
HPDPS said the thieves ran off with electronics and jewelry. The style was similar; the thieves broke in through a back door or garage.
On Princeton, where Hudnall’s neighbors were broken into, the two houses were hit at the same time. Hudnall says within the hour or two.  That leads him to believe someone is watching the pattern of homeowners in the area.
“Somebody had to be casing the house, those houses really well, the neighborhood,” said Hudnall who is taking his own precautions now. “I think if they come back here they're going to have a lot harder time.”
Police told NBCDFW they have gotten some evidence and are waiting for results to come back; they’re also consulting with nearby police agencies to see if there are any similarities in the crimes here, and those in other municipalities.
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