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Dating Site Usage Spikes: Looking For Love? You're Not Alone

If you're looking for love, you're not alone. Online dating sites say this is their busiest time of the year, with new members signing up in surges every day.

All these programs and algorithms say they could deliver the love of your life to your doorstep at a push on a button.

"I've been on Tinder, Bumble, Match, Plenty of Fish. I am just over meeting people for the first time over and over again," said Jamie Simpson.

Simpson, a teacher, says online dating is exhaustive and often filled with people who just aren't serious about finding the one.

"They'll start talking to you online, and you'll text and talk online for weeks at a time, and when it comes to meet them you won't meet them," she said.

Psychologist Deidre Sanchez says even when you do meet up, it might not work.

"I've met some nice people, there just hasn't been chemistry. I think there are more people to choose from, but the quality of people – the people looking for something real – I don't know that I buy that," Sanchez said.

Neither does Stephanie Johnson, who runs a company Singles in the City.

"It's not a dating company, whatsoever. It's just a family of community millennials hanging out and enjoying life. Sometimes they get married, sometimes they start a business together. It's up to you," Johnson said.

Her events help connect people looking for love, friendship and whatever else. She says more people are single this time of year, but that's doesn't mean it's time to scoop someone up.

"I think you stop trying, love finds you, it happens when it happens. It's cliche but it's true," Johnson said.

"You just have to be confident and tell yourself there's going to be letdowns. Just in life, you have to be realistic," Sanchez said.

So if your bubble is burst – that the perfect partner is around the corner – here's what you should know:

  • Our singles told us they had better luck on sites where the guys had to put up some cash to join.
  • Many people say they've met great friends through dating.
  • And my wife doesn't always like to admit it, but we met online. Two kids, and several years later, we haven't looked back.
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