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Dashcam Reveals Moments Before Texas Justice was Killed in Wrong-Way Crash

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As loved ones and colleagues mourn the loss of Justice David Bridges, a local man has come forward with dashcam video that reveals more about what happened that night.

Royse City police said Texas 5th Court of Appeals Justice David Bridges was driving along Interstate-30 Saturday night when he was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver.

The dashcam video of electrician Jonathan Malone now reveals several people that were in the direct path of danger that night.

“You notice off in the distance there’s one set of red brake lights and then there’s several sets of brake lights and all the cars basically pick a side and parked,” said Malone. “At that point, I knew something was wrong.”

His instincts were right. So, he pulled over as well. And as soon as he did his dashcam video caught what was causing all the confusion.

“There’s the oncoming vehicle going the wrong direction on I-30,” he said.

After the shock of seeing a car going by in the wrong direction, Malone said he did the only thing he could think of hoped the driver would be stopped.

“When the audio cuts out I was already on the phone with 911. That was the second reaction after getting out of the way was to call the operator and get someone dispatched because that was incredibly unsafe,” said Malone.

Police say the driver, 32-year-old Megan Smith, went on to hit two vehicles. Justice Bridges was in one of them. His vehicle caught fire and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bridges a husband, father and grandfather was elected to the 5th District Court of Appeals in 1996.

His family released this statement:

"We are heartbroken. David was our pillar. He was a caring husband; a loving father, grandfather, and friend; a passionate patriot; and a faithful public servant. Everything he did, he did with excellence and a heart full of joy. He lived his life like his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as a servant leader: kind, caring, and purpose-driven. We will cherish his memory forever."

Malone said he sympathizes with the family of Justice Bridges, having been tragically touched by drunk driving himself.

“I lost my grandfather when I was about seven to someone who was under the influence,” he said. “I know firsthand the pain that loss creates.”

The second driver Smith hit was said to have survived uninjured.

Smith was booked into the Hunt County jail. She is charged with Intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle with a bail set at $150,000.

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