Darth Vader Interviews for Fort Worth Police Job

The Fort Worth Police Department is the latest group to join in on the hype surrounding the return of the "Star Wars" to theaters.

In a video posted on Inside FWPD's YouTube channel shows Darth Vader interviewing for a position at the Fort Worth Police Department.

And when asked why he thinks he's qualified to join the force, Darth Vader answers, "as you can see on my resume, I have ruled over the Imperial Force for some time now, and had great success in ruling the galaxies."

The interview goes on for a few minutes, with Sgt. Steve Enright keeping a straight face as he asks Darth Vader if his deep breathing will be a problem in the physical fitness test.

Darth Vader even moves Enright's coffee cup and uses 'the force' to lift Enright's gun from its holster.

The interview ends with Enright saying, "thanks for your time, we'll let you know."

In the end it looks like Darth Vader didn't get the job, or his parking validated.

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