DART GoPass Lets Travelers Book Trips Across Services

Traveling with Dallas Area Rapid Transit is getting easier.

DART's mobile GoPass app now allows customers to book entire trips, and not on DART alone.

"It's, 'How do you make the complete trip?'" said DART President Gary Thomas. "People aren't really concerned about how they get there, as long as they get there safely, efficiently and effectively."

Customers using the mobile app can also arrange rides to and from DART stations, using Lyft, Uber or Zipcar.

"I think we grow the DART ridership when we make it easier for everyone to access it and vice versa, so hand in glove to me," said Aaron Fox, the general manager of Lyft Dallas.

"It's the first mile, it's the last mile, and that's really where we see the biggest need for Lyft in terms of partnering with DART and other transit agencies," Fox said.

Brandon Smith, a Lyft driver for two years, now picks up many more people using DART.

"They can use the public transit to get across town," Smith said. "But we can kind of get them to the public transit a lot quicker where maybe DART isn't, where in those sometimes under-served areas, so here we come, pick them up and take them to those stations."

Later this year, DART's GoPass will allow customers to not only book their entire trip, but also pay for it with just one click.

"That's our end-state goal," Fox said. "Get your DART, get your Lyft, one stop shop."

Once skeptical, other transit agencies around the country are now getting on board to learn more.

"They're looking at what we're doing, what we're developing, where we're headed," Thomas said. "And how they can certainly learn from our opportunities as well as our mistakes and take it to the next step."

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