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Neighbors Raise Concerns Over Dangerous Road in Allen

Neighbors in Allen are raising concerns over what they say is a dangerous stretch of road.

The area they are talking about is the frontage road at Curtis Lane heading onto southbound US-75.

Some drivers wanting to get on 75 from Curtis Ln. are illegally crossing a solid double white line to enter the ramp onto the highway.

The city of Allen has placed a sign reading “DO NOT CROSS DOUBLE WHITE LINE” to alert drivers in the area. The city has also placed a portable message board at the location. Police are also keeping an eye on the spot.

The Texas Department of Transportation has control over the frontage road, ramp and highway. A spokesperson for TxDOT said they are looking into engineering options to see what can be done to make it safer. One option included possibly extending the raised concrete curb that runs along the southbound entrance to 75.

TxDOT said that whatever they decide to do, they will work in close coordination with the city of Allen.

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