Dance Community Celebrates Juneteenth, Protests in Name of Equity

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Members of the larger DFW dance community organized an impromptu dance party and protest in downtown Dallas on Friday to mark Juneteenth.

“We figured there were many ways to get out what we are feeling and our way is dance.. one of my favorite quotes is when words fail music speaks,” organizer Quinton Winston said.

The event attracted dozens of people, many of whom simply noticed what was happening near the JFK Plaza and decided to join in. And many of those taking part cited not just the commemoration of Juneteenth as why but also their ongoing concern surrounding racial justice in America.

“By everyone being here, we are saying we don’t feel this is okay and express how we have been feeling this whole time,” dancer Precious Harris said.

The event started just after 3 p.m. and grew with each hour. Organizers said participants will later take part in a protest and march planned for Friday night.

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