Dallas Obama Watch Party Gets Emotional

The chant "Yes We Can" became "Yes We Did" at the official Barack Obama watch party in Dallas Tuesday night.

About 1,000 people gathered at Gilley's to watch the returns roll in.

Anxious supporters were glued to the big screens as hard fought battleground states broke in Obama's favor.

Some supporters were screaming and others crying when it became official and Obama made history becoming the country's first black President-elect.

"This is emotional for me," said Gwen Brantley, campaign volunteer. "This was a long hard road and I never dreamt -- thought I would see this day come."

"It's definitely a historical event, something that is going to go down in history," added another supporter.

Vendors were selling T-shirts, pins and buttons printed with "President Barack Obama" just minutes after Obama was declared the winner.

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