Dallas Zoo's Oldest Chimpanzee Dies at Age 49

"This sweet old fella will be deeply missed" - Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo announced Tuesday that its oldest male chimpanzee died.

In a post on Facebook the zoo announced Doyle died due to age-related health issues.

At age 49, Doyle wasn't just the oldest at the Dallas Zoo, but one of the oldest chimpanzees in The Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Doyle, known as the peacemaker of the troop, arrived at the zoo in 2009, and was father to 11 offspring in his lifetime.

Zookeepers say he was "a mediator, a comforter, a babysitter and a playmate."

The zoo says all the chimps in the troop were given time to say goodbye to Doyle and are doing well.

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