Dallas Zoo's Ocelot Kitten Explores Her New Home

The Dallas Zoo’s rare ocelot kitten is exploring her new habitat.

Lindy, just the third ocelot kitten ever born at the Dallas Zoo, was born to new parents on June 26.

Mom Milagre, age 4, and dad Joaquin, age 5, are part of the Ocelot Species Survival Plan. The OSSP is a conservation and breeding program designed to ensure the survival of the endangered Texas predator -- of which only 50 are believed to be left in the wild.

The Dallas Zoo says ocelots are small, spotted, secretive cats that are mostly nocturnal.

They are slightly larger than the largest of house cats with females weighing about 20 pounds and males topping out at about 30 pounds.

Watch how Lindy is adjusting to her habitat as her mom jumps into protective mode in the You Tube video below.

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