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Dallas Zoo Zebra Dies After Being Found Injured in Exhibit

Zoologist describe the 6-year-old zebra as an animal who was shy, sweet, and silly

Zebra in dallas zoo exhibit with green grass
Dallas Zoo

Keeya, a 6-year-old Hartmann's mountain zebra who resided at the Dallas Zoo, was found badly injured with no hope for recovery by zoologists and veterinarians Monday.

Keeya was found unresponsive with a head injury in Dallas' Giants of the Savanna exhibit. The animal physicians would soon discover that her lower spine had also been fractured, leaving her paralyzed.

They began to observe and treat her, but after several hours of assessment, they realized the injuries were too severe for survival.

The officials made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize Keeya.

Staff members believe that the injuries may have been from another animal in the exhibit though no one claimed to witness the incident.

Keeya leaves behind one baby zebra named Malawa, the first Hartmann's mountain zebra born at the Dallas Zoo.

Zoologists described Keeya as shy, sweet, and sometimes silly, often rolling in the grass or playing with Malawa.

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