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Dallas Zoo Welcomes New Baby Girl Giraffe

Dallas Zoo

It's a girl!

Just when you thought the Dallas Zoo couldn't get any bigger... a new long-necked furry friend arrived on March 19.

According to the Dallas Zoo, the reticulated giraffe Chrystal gave birth to a healthy female calf after a relatively short labor on Sunday morning.

The mom stayed very calm through the birth of the 131-pound baby, Dallas Zoo team said. Shortly after birth, the healthy baby was up and moving around.

Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo said the baby's dad Tebogo and half-sister Nea watched the calf from a distance right after she was born.

By the end of her first day, the baby was showing interest in her fellow giraffe family members, the Dallas Zoo said.

Chrystal and her baby are doing well and will spend some bonding time together behind the scenes while maintenance is being done to their habitat, Dallas Zoo said in a statement on Twitter.

According to the Dallas zoo, the mother and calf are already attached to each other.

The Dallas Zoo has yet to reveal the calf's name or the date when she will be released into her habitat.

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