Dallas Zoo Veterinary Team Saves 20 Baby Birds After Sunday Storms

The chicks, egrets and herons, were knocked out of nests at UT Southwestern Medical Center

The Dallas Zoo's veterinary staff rescued 20 baby birds Sunday after severe storms knocked many egret and heron nests out of the trees at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The storm took down tree limbs, and with them nests, at the UTSWMC Rookery near on Inwood Road in Dallas' Medical District, according to a Dallas Zoo Facebook post.

The storm put dozens of baby birds in harm's way, the post said, many of which did not survive the storm.

Still, the zoo's animal hospital took in 20 chicks, all of which are in stable condition, the post said.

The 20 chicks would be transferred to Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hutchins, Texas.

"Our hearts go out to those affected by yesterday's storm," the zoo's Facebook post said. "While our community recovers, remember that wildlife may need a small helping hand as they recover too."

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