Dallas Zoo Says Goodbye to Two Mandrills

The Dallas Zoo is saying goodbye to two male mandrills named Jax and Obi

The Dallas Zoo is saying goodbye to two male mandrills. 

Accoring to the Dallas Zoo, a male mandrill named Jax has moved to the Phoenix Zoo based on a recommendation from The Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan.

The Dallas Zoo said they are sad to say goodbye to Jax, but they know that he is going to have the chance to thrive as the leader of his own troop in Phoenix.

Obi, another male mandrill, will also be leaving the zoo in the near future. The mandrills are endangered, and Obi's genes are needed at another AZA-accredited institution to ensure the long-term survival of his threatened species, the Dallas Zoo said.

The Dallas Zoo said a dedicated team of zoologists were working to keep Obi active and stimulated throughout the day with a robust enrichment plan.

The zoo said it is never easy to say goodbye to animals, but they know this is the best decision for their well-being. 

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