Dallas Zoo Names Five New Elephants

The Dallas Zoo named five of the elephants it received in a controversial move from Africa last month.

Tenadji (ten-DAHJ-ee), the only male in the group, has gained 100 pounds since arriving in North Texas. His name means "Make it Happen."

Nolwazi (nole-WAH-zee) is the oldest of the group and we're told it's rude to discuss her weight. Her name means knowledgeable.

Nolwazi's daughter, Amahle (a-MAH-lee), is the smallest elephant but we're told she's growing fast.

There's also Mlilo (ma-LEE-lo) and Zola, whose names mean fire and quiet, respectively.

Twelve other elephants were brought to the U.S. along with the five that now live at the Dallas Zoo. The other 12 will be split evenly between Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium and Wichita’s Sedgwick County Zoo.

The elephants will be used in the captive breeding program, which will help make that program more sustainable.

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