WATCH: Dallas Zoo Gorilla Gets Last Laugh

Zoo says B’Wenzi was just playing around

A gorilla at the Dallas Zoo got the last laugh scaring some kids who were taunting him.

The 21 second video posted under the user name lazeelong shows the gorilla named B'Wenzi sitting by the glass as children yell and make gorilla gestures at him.

After about 15 seconds B'Wenzi gives the kids a scare by putting his face and hands up on the glass.

The original video posted April 25 has more than 400,000 views, and has been copied and replayed all over the internet.

The Dallas Zoo addressed the video in a statement posted on the zoo's official Facebook page:

A video getting heavy views on social media shows one of the Dallas Zoo's male gorillas, B'Wenzi, reacting to a group of jeering children by throwing his hands up against the exhibit glass.

It’s important to note that B'Wenzi's actions aren't aggressive; they’re actually playful. Much like people, gorillas will mirror actions they see, and they enjoy a good prank now and then.

The Dallas Zoo's Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center habitat is very large and the animals have ample opportunity to avoid the observation windows. Yet several of our gorillas will leave their grassy expanse to go to the windows, turn away and wait for guests to move closer. Then they’ll spin around and slap their hands on the glass. When the guests laugh and scream, the gorillas calmly stroll away. Our regular guests see this behavior often and recognize it as entertaining for the gorillas.

"This is normal, well-adjusted behavior for a teenager," said Dr. Lynn Kramer, vice president of animal operations for the Dallas Zoo. "They do this for one reason, and that’s to get a reaction." (B'Wenzi is 11 years old.)

The Dallas Zoo's world-class animal staff is committed to the welfare of our charges and monitors their physical and emotional health at all times.

Our staff and volunteers also monitor guest interactions with animals. However, as the largest zoo in Texas with more than 2,000 animals and nearly 1 million guest visits per year, we can't be with each one at all times. We constantly try to educate guests that the best way to enjoy the Dallas Zoo is by showing respect for the animals and not heckling, banging on the glass or feeding them human food. We hope this video helps us teach the proper way to approach animals at any zoological park.

Thank you for your support of the Dallas Zoo!

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