Dallas Woman's Dog Attacked and Killed by 2 Larger Dogs

The 9-year-old Yorkshire terrier was attacked in Dallas

A Dallas woman's dog died after he was attacked by two other dogs just steps away from her apartment.

"As I approached that brick wall, a dog came and attacked my dog out of nowhere and then another dog came and attacked him," Lauren Carr, the dog's owner, said.

The incident happened Nov. 5 outside of Carr's Uptown apartment patio. She said she took her 9-year-old Yorkshire terrier out for a walk that night, as they always did, when he was attacked.

Carr said the owner of the two dogs was on her cell phone and held the leashes in her other hand.

"She wasn't really able to control them given that two large dogs [leashes] were in one hand. Each dog 60 or 70 pounds… maybe more," Carr said. "At one point, I tried to get them away. They bit me. And then at some point we stood up and I ran to get him to an emergency room."

Carr rushed 6-pound Newman to the vet, but he didn't make it.

Dallas Animal Services eventually located the owner, who is cooperating with the investigation. The dogs that attacked Newman are in quarantine, which is routine procedure in possible "dangerous dog" cases.

Dallas Animal Services said that since the dogs didn't directly attack a human, this is not a case that could result in charges against the owner. However, if the dogs are found to be dangerous, there are several things the owner would have to do to keep them.

The owner would have to register the dogs as "dangerous" in a public, online database on the city's website. The owner will have to carry $100,000 in liability insurance and put up signs warning of a dangerous dog in the home.

Carr said the problem is still that these dogs could eventually be right back where the attack happened and could hurt another dog, or someone else.

"It terrifies me. I have nightmares at night and I never want anyone else to be in this situation I am in," Carr said.

She hoped her story would serve as a warning for other dog owners.

"Everyone needs to be cautious and everyone needs to be hyper-vigilant right now, Carr said. "I can only hope I am bringing awareness to this and hopefully it never happens again."

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