Dallas Woman Talks About Getting Attacked by Shark

A Dallas woman continues to recover after she was bitten by what experts believe to be an 8-foot-long bull shark while snorkeling with family in the Bahamas.

Lacy Webb-Martin said when it happened she knew immediately she was being attacked by a shark.

“I felt a really hard hit from behind and then a shake and then I was let go,” said Webb-Martin.

The shark took out a bite about the size of a large pizza. Doctors in the Bahamas told Martin’s husband they were not sure if she would be able to survive.

“The whole time I was in a little bit of a panic state,” said husband Britt Martin. “But she kept reassuring me everything was going be OK.”

“I knew that there were things that needed to be done,” said Webb-Martin. “And in my mind I was methodically thinking what needed to be done next.”

Remarkably Webb-Martin stayed calm after the shark ripped skin, tissue and muscle from her back.

Now, she is recovering at her Dallas home, but the avid snorkeler said she can't wait to get back in the ocean again.

“There’s a lot of emotional healing for all of us,” said Webb-Martin. “It’s not just my physical transformation that we're going through. This has been traumatic for everyone in the family. We think that’s a real good milestone for us to celebrate life in that way.”

Doctors removed a shark's tooth from Webb-Martin's back during surgery, and she said she'll still need additional surgery before she makes a full recovery.

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