Dallas woman started diaper vending business out of ‘desperation and necessity'

Diaper Concierge is a diaper and diaper-changing accessories vending machine business started by a Dallas mother

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Erin England's Dallas garage serves double duty as a place to park a car and start a small business.

"I started Diaper Concierge out of necessity and desperation," England said.

She was out at a restaurant with her 6-month-old daughter when she reached into her diaper bag and realized it was empty.

"I remember looking over seeing the tampon dispenser ... and thought, 'Oh my God, of all the things I can get from a vending machine,' so a whole set of cosmetics, Bose $200 headphones, I can't get a diaper. And that was just nuts to me!"

It was England's lightbulb moment to help other parents by starting her small business, Diaper Concierge.

'Becoming a first-time mom for me, nothing came easily," England said. "I had a really bad go with postpartum depression, and it knocked me on my butt."

England said her coping mechanism was to get out of the house with her baby daughter, Alex. Sometimes, she needed diaper-changing items in public places, but there was nowhere to get them.

'We're out and about with our kids more than ever. The world is not catching up to that speed," England said. "I got a thousand 'Nos' before I got the first 'Yes,' which was Dallas Love Field."

Diaper Concierge is now in 15 Dallas-Fort Worth locations, including DFW Airport, which is adding one to the busy Terminal C next week. There is also a Children's Health-sponsored machine at SMU Ford Stadium that dispenses free diapers. This summer, the business is expanding to airports in Houston, Austin, and Arkansas.

"I'm hopeful that it sends a message to parents, moms especially, that I see you," England said. "I know it's hard, and we're all in it together."

England said Diaper Concierge donates a diaper to the National Diaper Bank Network for every diaper purchased.

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