Dallas Woman Designs Concealed Carry Handbags

It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention. It's with that in mind that Kate Woolstenhulme created a line of designer handbags that allow women to carry their concealed weapons in style.

"I did some market research and I realized, as many women as there are carrying firearms, there are a lot of women with the same issue that I have," said Woolstenhulme. "I was looking for something that would properly conceal my handgun, make it accessible and also fulfill my fashion requirement."

She said the handbags she's been creating since 2008 are meticulously and purposefully designed to secure and carry concealed weapons with two things in mind -- safety and access.

"It's got to be in its own pocket, and you have to know where it is and it has to be positioned properly," said Woolstenhulme. "It's also got to be safe enough that children can't grab a hold of it."

The bags have locking zippers for added safety and there are removable holsters designed to protect the trigger.

Wollstenhulme, who also makes bags for men, said every day people thank her for creating the bags.

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