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Dallas Woman Climbs to the Top of the Beauty Empire

It is the top-selling beauty tool on the market, one that millions of women use in their bathrooms every day. The GloPRO made by BeautyBio is an at-home microneedling tool that claims to regenerate skin, making it firmer and smoother. It was created by a woman in Dallas who says she never gave up on her mission to spread truth in beauty.

Sale after sale on the Home Shopping Network. Dallas' Jamie O'Banion, a mother of three, peddles her latest product overnight and women from all over the world pick up the phone and make the purchase on the promise of better skin. O'Banion remembers her first appearance, live on HSN like it was yesterday.

"I was so nervous because you walk on set and you think, 'Is anyone going to buy the product? hello! hello!'" O'Banion, a former model isn't just a spokesperson in the $500 billion dollar beauty industry, this tool was all her idea. She created it. "To think about going up against and competing in a $500 billion-plus, crazy saturated market, it is like David and Goliath," O'Banion said.

Before HSN, O'Banion used Instagram and master classes online to get the word out. Today her GloPRO sits atop the most coveted lists in the beauty industry, snagging Allure's, 'Best of Beauty Award' in 2018.

"That was for me, was one of those, that's like the Oscars of beauty." The tool now graces the shelves of Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sephora, among many others. Why has it resonated with women? "The reason that beauty tools have grown so much is we're in control and that's so powerful. It's such a powerful message."

It may all look rosy now for O'Banion, but the entrepreneur said success didn't come on the first try. Her first skincare line, Organicare wasn’t hot.

"2008. Right in the middle of the recession. People had no idea the difference between natural and organic, organic and certified organic, it wasn't a thing."

She goes on to say that the lessons learned early on helped give her the strength to forge ahead. "Once you've lived worst case scenario, digested it and said, ‘I am OK if this happens,' then you have no anxiety."

O'Banion said she reacted quickly to the market, creating next a retinol line, BeautyBio, that's still a top-seller today on HSN. The magic, she said, in those days may have been in not knowing a whole lot but just going for it.

"I love this analogy of entrepreneurs. You jump off a cliff and build the airplane on the way down." In the early days, O'Banion said she became enamored with skincare as a child, tagging along with her father, Dr. Terry James, to his research and development cosmetic labs. He is a partner in her business today. Passion, a willingness to pivot when your product isn't selling and grit, she believes have propelled her to the top.

"You have to be gritty. You have to know that there are going to be hard days and there are things that, days that you want to quit and you think, I don't know that I can do this, this is a lot for one human. But if you commit and continue to press forward, you will figure it out." With a new product launching and an expanding Dallas headquarters, she said, she is here to stay. "I will continue doing what I am doing because, who else? I was clearly meant to do this."

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