Dallas Wedding Planner Has Truck Stolen, Saves Wedding With Hours to Spare

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A Dallas wedding planner was left scrambling this week after his truck and everything inside was stolen only two days before a wedding.

“I see that my truck is not there and all of the items for this wedding, they are gone, it’s like I don’t have to think or worry – we had to think about what to do,” said Jose Rojas.

A grainy surveillance picture caught the thief taking the truck and Dallas police are now investigating. But Rojas says the lost property was the least of his concerns.

“When you have a passion for something you don’t care what happened, you don’t care if you are sick – whatever happened with my truck, you had to find a solution,” said Rojas.

In the hours after the loss, Rojas immediately set out to find replacements for all that was taken and despite the odds, he was able to pull it off in less than 48-hours.

“I don’t sleep for two days because I had to find all the flowers and everything you can see over here – everything is new,” said Rojas, pointing to the venue behind him.

Rojas says he hopes the thief is caught but more than anything else he is just relieved that a couple’s special day has been saved.

“I’m just very excited, just very happy and more importantly I’m at peace,” said Rojas.

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