Dallas Vegan Mexican Restaurant El Palote Makes Meal Kits Available Nationwide

The kits are available now and they serve between four and six people, El Palote said

El Palote Panaderia

El Palote Panaderia, a vegan Mexican restaurant in Dallas, is making their meal kits available nationwide.

According to El Palote, many Americans have been staying home and relying on their own recipes since March.

The restaurant aims to bring variety, spice, and flavor to those who are cooking meals at home, especially those who enjoy a vegan lifestyle, by making it possible to recreate the restaurant's most popular dishes.

The kits are available now and they serve between four and six people, El Palote said.

Meal options include a Vegan Tacos + Nachos Combo, Vegan BBQ Sandwich Kit, Vegan Fajitas Taco Kit, Vegan Barbacoa Taco Kit, Vegan Carnitas Taco Kit, Vegan Al Pastor Taco Kit, Vegan Nacho Kit, Vegan Torta Kit, and the restaurant's bestselling Vegan Taco Kit.

Each kit comes with everything needed to cook an amazing Mexican meal in the comfort of your own home, the restaurant said.

"One thing everyone talks about when they go on vacation is the amazing food they ate," Aaron Arias, the son of El Palote's culinary masters, Aurelio and Lily Arias, said. "With people staying home and avoiding travel, they're missing out on the discovery of new favorite dishes and restaurants. Now, with our meal kits, anyone, anywhere in America can enjoy a unique meal with authentic Mexican flavors in their own kitchen. There's no chance of messing up a recipe or of not being able to source an ingredient at the local grocery store. The kit comes with absolutely everything needed."

According to the restaurant, El Palote Panaderia started in 2014 as a home-based door-to-door business.

The restaurant became popular in Dallas in 2015 when they began serving vegan options on Thursdays, and by 2016, the restaurant changed its entire menu to be vegan, El Palote said.

"The reason we're so popular isn't because we're vegan," Arias said. "It's because our food is delicious. Whether people are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or even if they love meat, they all enjoy the flavors, the spice, and the quality of our tacos, fajitas and nachos."

El Palote Panaderia vegan meal kits are available from www.goldbelly.com/el-palote-panaderia.

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