Dallas to Test Siren System Wednesday

The test normally scheduled for the first Wednesday was moved because of weather

If you live in Dallas or Richardson, don't be alarmed when you hear emergency sirens Wednesday.

The City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management will be conducting its regularly scheduled test of the siren system for one minute at noon. The office said portions of Richardson will hear the sirens too.

Dallas and Richardson both run the test on the first Wednesday of the month weather permitting, but because of poor weather conditions last week Dallas moved its test to February 8.

Dallas has been preparing for spring storm season for months and testing its new upgraded siren system, completed in 2010 at a cost of several million dollars.

The city's new multi-million dollar siren system completed in 2010 includes 153 modern more superior sirens. The old system, installed in the 1950s and '60s had just 94 sirens Josh Roberts with Dallas Emergency Management told NBC 5 in September.

"They’re more efficient to activate, so easier to activate, more coverage and they’re a bit louder," Roberts said.

Again when you hear the sirens in Dallas and Richardson there's no need to be alarmed or call 911, it's only a test.

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