Dallas to Improve Safety on Cedar Springs Road

New crosswalks, flashers coming this month

Change is coming to a busy Dallas street where two pedestrians were run over and killed in recent months.

Dallas police plan to increase enforcement of speeding and jaywalking along Cedar Springs Road, beginning immediately.

"We will be paying particular attention to people speeding down the street and people not crossing in the marked crosswalks," Deputy Chief Malik Al'Aziz said.

On Wednesday, road crews will paint a crosswalk at Knight Street, where one of the pedestrians was killed. Next week, city crews will add bright, yellow flashers at Knight and Reagan streets.

"This is a solar-powered flasher that's at a vehicle's eye level," said Scott Whitall, executive director of the Cedar Springs Merchants Association.

Whitall, who helped the city come up with the plan, said the lights should look similar to the ones along Katy Trail.

In June, the city will add a traffic signal at Knight Street and remove a right-turn lane that's caused trouble.

"There are short-, mid- and long-term plans," Whitall said. "Long term, we're thinking about maybe making it a two-lane road to really slow down traffic."

The long-term improvements are three to five years out and subject to available funding and community input.

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