Dallas to Dig Into Proposed Plastic Bag Ban

City Council committees to discuss proposed ordinance on Monday

The Dallas City Council next week will discuss a proposed ban on plastic shopping bags.

The proposed ban is similar to Austin's, which does not allow retailers to offer plastic bags.

Councilman Dwaine Caraway, who proposed a ban a few months ago, said the bags end up as litter all over the Dallas.

"This is something trashing our city," he said.

The measure would mainly affect grocery stores. It would not include dry cleaning or produce bags.

"It's basically the plastic bags that are the final step in the grocery store that you carry your groceries out in," Caraway said.

Resident Linda Porter said she would not mind such a ban.

"There are so many in the landfills and everything, it's just plastic we don't need to be using," she said.

City Council committees will discuss the proposed ordinance on Monday.

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