Uvalde School Shooting

Donations Needed for Dallas Teen's Mission to Help Grieving Uvalde Children

Monday is the last to donate books, supplies and funds to help a Dallas eighth grader make 'Grief Kits' to send to kids in Uvalde

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Monday is the deadline for a Dallas eighth grader who is on a mission to collect supplies and funds to create 800 "Grief Kits" for students in Uvalde.

"I always think of school as a safe place for me and my friends, and when I heard about the tragedy, I was like 'OMG' why would this happen? Why would someone do this? And I really wanted to help them, that’s what I felt, I felt really sad," said Sia Sankaran, who is collecting the donations.

"Volunteering is important because I want to find a way to give back to my community, even if it's all the way in Uvalde," Sankaran said.

In partnership with the San Antonio Area Foundation, volunteers there will put together the kits and help deliver them to Uvalde.

Through an Amazon Wishlist, people can donate books and other supplies for students in Uvalde.

"It will include a book, a journal and a coloring book which will all be appropriate to their age group," said Sankaran.

Sankaran, who also has a love for the performing arts and books, said she hopes others are inspired to give back to their communities as well.

"You can always give back to the community, it’s never to early, it’s never too late, and if you want to do something or want to help people, you just got to start, or it won’t go anywhere so. You just have to try," said Sankaran.

ONLINE: People can directly donate books and supplies through their Amazon wishlist page or through the nonprofit's website.

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