Dallas Teacher Mr. Solo Honored as Excellent Educator

At Skyline High School, Mr. Jose Solo (short for Sologuren) has one goal.

"Give the students the tools that they’re gonna need to have a better future, to improve their lives," Solo said. "Teaching is not just a job, it’s a calling."

Solo oversees Skyline’s World Languages Department and its nine languages. Solo helped add Korean, Italian and German language classes to Skyline's curriculum. He even helped raise the money to help pay for those classes.

"Solo is absolutely the best," said Jazmin Mier, who works with the World Languages Department at Dallas Independent School District. "He has a great personality. He inspires students and teachers as well."

Solo is known for how he helps students apply for college, scholarships, and opportunities to study abroad.

"He stays after school, sometimes he stays until 6 to 7 p.m. and he goes through the process of applying, the essay writing, signing up for the SAT," Mier said.

"It’s because I can see in every single one of my students potential," Solo said.

He said 19 years ago, someone saw his potential and helped him get into college.

"Why is it that you see all of us as basically your kids, you want to guide us like we’re your kids -- not as students -- you care about us more like family and you want to see us grow and build. Why is that?" a student asked after Mr. Solo’s interview with NBC 5.

"Because I see myself in every single one of them," Solo answered.

"All of us are the product of remarkable teachers who poured into us, who have really encouraged us to work hard, to pursue our dreams, and to really reach our full potential," said Dr. K.C. Mmeje, vice president for student affairs at Southern Methodist University.

Because of Solo's efforts to improve his students’ lives, he is honored as this month's Excellent Educator.

"It truly is a privilege to present Skyline High School with this check for $1,000," Mmeje said to Solo during one of his Spanish classes Monday.

Solo said that money will go toward the school’s language program to potentially buy books and field trips for students.

"I want them to realize how much they can do with their life and how much they can change the world," Solo said.

His students will be better equipped to do that, with the help of Excellent Educators like Solo.

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