Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Dallas Black Dance Theatre Unite in Concert

The Wednesday evening performance is to honor lives lost to racial violence and injustice

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The Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Dallas Black Dance Theatre will join together for a performance called 'Unite in Concert' Wednesday night to honor lives lost to racial injustice and violence and show the pain and mourning left behind. The program is a fundraiser for Project Unity.

"I think everyone in America watched George Floyd die," Richie Butler of Project Unity said. "Music is a way to calm, music is a way to heal, and also a way to bring us together."

"Art has a healing effect," Dallas Black Dance Theatre Spokeswoman Ramona Butler said. "We want people to see and experience the healing effects of Black art."

The goal is to bring the socially distanced audience together through the common experience of art and to start a conversation.

"Cause think about it, in this country we do a whole lot of talking, but we don't do a lot of listening," Butler said. "I want to establish and create more allies and fewer adversaries when it comes to the issue of race in our society."

"You would think after what happened to George Floyd it would have stopped, that the racial injustice and violence would have stopped, and it hasn't," Logan said holding back tears. "It hurts to think that people are treated this way just because of the color of their skin."

Because of social distancing requirements of the pandemic, the stage space at the Morton H. Myerson Symphony Center has been increased, and the number of people who can watch the 7:30 p.m. performance Wednesday in-person has been decreased. The program is available to watch online as well. For more information, click here or here.

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