Dallas Students ‘Excited' to Film Obama Documentary

Lincoln High students will attend presidential inauguration

Seven Lincoln High School students heading to the presidential inauguration next week will make a documentary about the experience.

"We're hardly going to sleep," junior Ebony McMillan said. "It's a lot of work. It's a lot of work."

The students all study radio, television and film at Lincoln. They will have cameras with them in Washington, D.C., to capture the moment.

"They'll be shooting. They'll be interviewing, editing, doing lighting," said Tony Boone, one of their instructors. "They'll be doing the works."

Each student will get a highly coveted ticket to see the President-elect Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20.

The students have been planning for the trip since October, and now everything is coming together. Many businesses and churches in South Dallas donated to their cause.

"The community has supported this from the very beginning," Boone said. "Like Barack Obama's campaign, we've been getting pennies and nickels and checks and dollars."

The video they gather will become part of a documentary called "Through the Eyes of the Next Generation." It will be shown at the school and at other communiity venues.

"I'm so excited, because I'll be standing right next to him, interviewing, talking about him, taking pictures," said Desmond Richardson, a junior. "I feel so excited."

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