Dallas Start Up Answers the Question ‘What's for Dinner?' With New App

A Dallas based tech start-up company is helping families dish out dinner meals across the country by pairing recipes, the food they have at home and technology.

Brandon Warman and Daniel Vitiello are the two founders of "Cooklist," an app that helps users identify recipes to cook with the groceries you already have in your refrigerator and pantry.

"It helps the everyday person answer 'what’s for dinner.' You get a personal shopper and a personal chef in your back pocket," said Warman.

The goal is to answer a universal need, in a practical and unique way.

"We've aggregated about 1.3 million recipes from 20,000 different sources online, different food blogs, food recipe websites, and if that recipe exist, with those ingredients online then we'll show it to you," said Warman.

The inspiration for the app started with their curiosity in the kitchen and technology trends surrounding the food retail industry.

"I started see all of this data that retailers were collecting on shoppers and I curious if the consumers could actually use the data for their benefit," said Vitiello.

Cooklist allows you to connect to your favorite grocery stores and import your purchases from 81 retailers across the United States, including Walmart, Kroger, Target, CostCo, and Tom Thumb. Go here for details.

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