Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars Winning Ways Help Breed Future Hockey Players, Fans

The Dallas Stars Foundation Mites League played a semi-final game on the same night the Dallas Stars played their first playoff game against the Minnesota Wild.

"They're doing great," said Assistant Coach Richard McCarter about the Stars. "You know, it's all about goal tending in the playoffs, even at this level," he said watching his 8 and under players play.

In the locker room, the Stars success seems to have rubbed off on the Mites players. "I want to be a hockey player when I grow up," said Gage Cox.

"I like how it's fun and I like how aggressive it is," Noah Bartolomei said with a smile. When asked what his favorite team was, his face changed. "I'm sorry to say this, but I don't like the Stars. I like the Capitals," Bartolomei said. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." His dad, Luis, chimed in. "The Stars are playing tonight, so you better root for them after your game!"

The Dallas Stars Foundation gives kids access to the game and the players. It's helping breed future hockey players and fans.

"And I think it's really drawing a lot of these kids to hockey," said Erin Cox as she cheered on her son from the stands. "It's a fun game."

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