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Dallas Stars, SMU Troll LA Chargers' ‘New Logo'

The now Los Angeles Chargers took a lot of heat on social media after releasing a new logo and two North Texas teams jumped on the dogpile.

The Chargers impending move from San Diego to Los Angeles before the 2017 season was announced Thursday morning. Several news outlets tweeted pictures of the team's "new logo," which looked similar to the Los Angeles Dodgers' logo.

The new logo evidently wasn't well received and it didn't take long for social media to blow up with images and posts mocking the team.

The Stars couldn't resist jumping into the mix on Twitter. They jokingly tweeted a picture of their "new logo" that also resembles another local team's logo.

The SMU Mustangs football Twitter account was just a few minutes behind the Stars.

The account for the Air Force football team — whose helmets feature a lightning bolt — replied to SMU's tweet with their own modified logo.

Chargers officials have since stated that the logo released Thursday was not going to be the team's official logo.

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