Dallas Sisters Find Purpose and Their Own Charity Making Sandwiches for the Homeless

Riley and Bella Sauter started Feed the People after they noticed a growing number of homeless people in downtown Dallas

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Two teenage sisters from Dallas saw a need on the streets in downtown Dallas; homeless people going hungry.

"They're so overlooked," 15-year-old Bella Sauter said. "Before this, we would have overlooked them as well," 16-year-old Riley Sauter said.

The pandemic opened their eyes to a problem. They wanted to be part of a solution. So the sisters made 30 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and delivered them to people they saw living on the streets.

"They're always so thankful," Bella said. "And that feeling is worth more than anything."

30 sandwiches grew to 100, and as word got out on social media, their brown bag meal operation got even bigger.

"Neither of us thought we'd start a non-profit," Riley said. "I mean, it's crazy!"

They call it Feed the People.

"We'll set up big assembly lines on the floor and everybody will help. We all have so much fun. It's like the best time," Riley said. "The highlight of our week," Bella said.

The sisters have gotten to know some of the people they visit on the streets.

"There's one guy, he always loves to give us music recommendations," Riley said. "This week it was the Cranberries. He's like, have you ever heard of the Cranberries? If not, you need to go home and listen to them right now!"

The sisters hope their efforts help others see the homeless.

"I wish they would just see them as people, just like you and me," Bella said. "You'll never regret being kind. That's what our mom always says."

"We definitely don't regret this," Riley said.

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