Dallas, Richardson Neighbors Step Up to Help Neighbors

From Food Drives to Neighbor Check-Ins, Help is Coming

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North Texans are pitching in to help their neighbors in need from checking in on elderly residents to holding drive-thru, no contact food drive for babies and school-aged children.

The Heights Church along West Renner Road is holding a food and diaper drive Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“When we put the call out to the church we have had overwhelming response that whatever I can do let me know,” said Missions Pastor Richard Covington. “I just love the fact that in the midst of trials and hard times that people just try to do whatever they can for the better of people.”

The Heights is asking for non-perishable food items and diapers of all sizes to distribute to folks in need.

Each item is being disinfected before being sent to partner ministries including Network and Community Ministries which works with Richardson ISD to help students in need.

It is likely the donation drive will be extended past Wednesday, said Covinton.

Meanwhile in North Dallas, a group of Lake Highlands’ neighbors who playfully call themselves the ‘Edgy-Edgecove Mommas’ got together and created the Edgecove Drive Neighbor Check.

They made fliers and handed them out to residents, in particular elderly residents, asking them to check off anything they may need: anything from food, water, toilet paper and toiletries.

Even if a neighbor needs someone to pick up their medications.

 “At this point we’ve had a few people ask for bottled water that that’s about it,” said organizer Amy Timmerman.

“I think here in a week I think we’re going to have a lot more need with seniors around us.”

The group’s idea has been picked up by other neighborhoods and even the town of Sunnyvale.

“It’s important to extend your hand to your neighbor, or maybe your elbow, and reach across the fence. Help a neighbor spread some love and be a neighbor that helps one another,” said organizer Shannon McCracken.

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