Dallas Reunion Tower to Dim Lights For Bird Migration as Part of ‘Lights Out Nights'

As part of the "Lights Out Texas" initiative, led by former First Lady Laura Bush, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson issued a proclamation declaring that period as "Lights Out Nights" in Dallas.

NBC 5 News

Reunion Tower will join other buildings in dimming its lights to 50 percent through Oct. 10 between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. beginning Tuesday night to help protect birds migrating south through North Texas.

Every night between now and the end of October, maybe even a little past, the night sky is like a super highway of migratory birds.

Nearly two billion birds travel through Texas at night during the spring and fall season and this massive passage of birds, one of the largest on the planet, conflicts with nighttime illumination.

Light attracts these migrating birds, which makes them more vulnerable to collisions with buildings, making that the second biggest cause of death for migratory birds.

Residents and businesses are urged to turn out non-essential lights at night during this timeframe.

According to "Lights Out Texas," approximately one billion birds die in collisions with buildings in the U.S. annually, and Texas may be particularly hazardous due to high illumination in large cities and higher-than-average bird migration volumes.

The artificial bright lights at night cause birds to become disoriented and distracted.

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