Dallas Restaurant Prints Gun Control Message on Receipts

The restaurant said they are not anti-gun, but want common sense gun control

A Downtown Dallas restaurant is taking a stand on gun control and sending a message to the National Rifle Association's Annual Convention just blocks away.

Ellen's in the West End of downtown has a printed message at the bottom of their receipts that is getting a lot of attention.

The restaurant said they are donating a portion of proceeds to organizations dedicated to what it calls common sense gun control.

Some patrons posted photos of the receipt tagline and had people on both sides chiming in on the issue. The NRA posted a tweet asking attendees to "steer clear" of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, some people on social media report there is a wait at the restaurant on Saturday.

"We recognize and appreciate and want to protect the Second Amendment but like you we want to make sure our children are also protected. There's got to be a way to come to the middle to figure out that problem," Joe Groves, managing partner at Ellen's, said.

The NRA's Annual Convention runs in Dallas through Sunday, May 6.

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