Dallas Residents Take Concerns Over Noise Violations to Police Chief During Listening Session

The top concern in their community was not violent crime

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Community members got a chance to share concerns and propose solutions with Dallas’ police chief Saturday, at one of Renee Hall's listening sessions.

Police Chief Renee Hall met face-to-face with District 2 residents inside the Arlington Park Recreation Center on Record Crossing Road Saturday.

In the previous listening sessions, the response was passionate, with many people who were vocal about wanting to see police tackle violent crime.

But in this Northwest Dallas community, residents said violent crime was not their top concern.

“We do not have random gunfire out here, we do not have drag racing, however, we have a nuisance as far as loud music. We have a lot of elderly out here, so we want to make sure they continue to be respected," resident Se-gwen Tyler said.

“We want to make sure police respond. Normally, in a black neighborhood, they don’t come like they should. We want to make sure they come and come quickly,” long-time community member Lillie Tasby-Molett said.

They were there to collaborate with Hall on how to make their community safer.

“We’re asking you to be part of our 5-year strategic plan,” Hall said.

She answered questions from residents who voiced their concerns.

Tasby-Molett was raised in the community and wants things to go back to the way they were.

“My dad was very established here before he passed. He loved this neighborhood. It was a neighborhood that was safe. Everybody knew each other. But now, in some kind of way, it’s not like that,” she said.

Police said the 15th and final listening session would be Tuesday evening at the Harry Stone Recreation Center at 2403 Millmar Drive in Dallas.

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