Dallas Relaxes Bike Helmet Law

Adults are no longer required to wear bike helmets in Dallas.

The change is intended to support a bike sharing plan to begin soon at Dallas Fair Park and spread to other parts of the city later.

The law was revised Wednesday over strong objections from Dallas City Council member Vonciel Hill.

“I believe it is absolutely foolish not to have a helmet,” Hill said.

The majority supported the change in a 12 to 3 vote, reasoning that people may be willing to grab a shared bike from a rack but not a shared helmet.

“In order to do bike share we absolutely have to get rid of the helmet requirement,” Dallas City Council member Phillip Kingston said.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and other Dallas cyclists still urge everyone to wear a helmet.

“I wear helmets. Wear helmets,” Rawlings said. “If there there’s any question, we believe in helmet wearing.”

Kids 17 and under are still required to wear a bike helmet.

To support people who ride bikes to work, a ban on bicycles in Dallas public buildings was also removed Wednesday.

Dallas City Council also approved $1.9 million for connections to a new Interstate 30 hike and bike trail over the Trinity River on Riverfront Boulevard and Beckley Avenue.  

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