Dallas Redistricting Commission Recommends New City Council Boundary Map

Dallas City Council will review and consider changes

NBC 5 News

The Dallas Redistricting Commission Tuesday approved a single recommended map for new city council districts to be sent to the council for review and possible changes.

The recommendation on map 41-B came after months of meetings and an additional special meeting Tuesday.

The original map 41 was submitted by community members Melanie Vanlandingham and Darren Dattalo. It was amended to keep more of the Cedars residential area in District 2.

Map 41-B keeps North Oak Cliff united with other parts of Oak Cliff in District 1 instead of splitting off to be connected with downtown and Uptown as competing map 17 proposed.

The goal of redistricting is to balance population among the districts based on census data. The ideal population is 93,170. The current City Council District 14 which includes Uptown and downtown had grown much larger than that with large new apartments constructed over the past 10 years.

But at least one activist said map 41-B will be easy to challenge because it does not provide enough winnable Hispanic districts in a city where the Hispanic population has also increased over the past 10 years.

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