Dallas Ranks 17 on Forbes Best Cities For Singles List

Dallas ranks 17th on this year's Forbes list of "Best Cities For Singles," beating out Virgina Beach/Norfolk, VA and Buffalo, NY (Suck it, T.O.) -- but still falls behind places like Atlanta, GA and our southern cousin Austin, TX.

How'd Forbes get these rankings? Bring on the science --

To determine the best city for singles, [Forbes] ranked 40 of the largest continental U.S. metropolitan statistical areas in seven different categories: coolness, cost of living alone, culture, job growth, online dating, nightlife and number of singles. Each metro is assigned a ranking of 1 to 40 in each category, based on quantitative data. All categories are weighted equally. The ranks are then totaled to determine the final rankings.

So what were the helpful factors for Dallas' rise to the top twenty?

Dallas is high on the list for projected job growth and perceived coolness. However, there are fewer singles in the area than one would hope.

Suddenly, it all makes sense...

The full list of "Best Cities For Singles" can be found at Forbes site, or via our countdown style list below.

20. Virgina Beach/Norfolk, VA
19. Minneapolis, MN
18. Buffalo, NY
17. Dallas, TX
16. Portland, OR
15. Providence, RI
14. Cleveland, OH
13. Denver, CO
12. San Diego, CA
11. Austin, TX
10. Philadelphia, PA
9. Milwaukee, WI
8. Los Angeles, CA
7. San Francisco, CA
6. Atlanta, GA
5. Washington, DC
4. Seattle, WA
3. Chicago, IL
2. Boston, MA
1. New York, NY

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