Dallas Quintuplets Reunited at Home After Delivery at Parkland Hospital

Brenda Raymundo

A North Texas family has grown by five after welcoming quintuplets. 

Brenda Raymundo said the pregnancy came as a surprise to her and her husband after three years of trying to get pregnant.

She learned in November that five little ones were on their way.

Raymundo welcomed three boys and two girls on May 17 at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

After some extra time in the hospital, they were reunited at home last Monday. 

Brenda Raymundo

Enfamil, a baby formula manufacturer, heard about the quintuplets and donated some formula to Raymundo's family. 

According to Raymundo, the family goes through about 50 diapers a day.

Donations of diapers, baby formula, and baby clothes would be greatly appreciated, Raymundo said.

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